Thursday, May 6, 2010

Natural House Centipede Remedies - The Intro

House Centipedes are red or white. They are fast. They can sting. They live in your home!

They move quickly up and down walls and ceilings, but prefer running across the floor.

The white Centipedes prefer drains, the red ones prefer dark places.

The red ones sting is supposedly worse, but the white ones pack a venomous stinger as well.

I already wrote an article about why natural remedies to house Centipedes are needed and chemicals should be avoided:

Give it a read, you'll like it:

Natural Remedies For Centipedes - You Don't Have to Use Harmful Che

Natural Remedies For Centipedes - You Don't Have to Use Harmful Chemicals!

By Joseph Afflict

Natural remedies for Centipedes do exist, you don't need to turn to pesticides to get rid of your house Centipedes.

You need to understand that getting rid of Centipedes means destroying their habitat.

Make your home inhospitable to them, and they'll be forced out. This can be achieved using a variety of means.

Chemicals are one option, but many argue against using them inside of the home. I strongly caution giving the room a minimum of 12 hours of being well ventilated, if you decide to use chemicals.

Understand these chemicals are killing large insects, they are not to be taken lightly.

However, this article is about natural remedies for getting rid of Centipedes, so you've already decided not to use chemicals, I applaud you!

I didn't use any chemicals, and I've been Centipede free forever. I used to get the red ones all the time in my basement. Yes I call them the red ones, I know their Scutigera Coleoptrata, but red ones is an easier name for me to use.

I definitely couldn't forget the white ones either, in my sinks and showers! Those made me miserable plenty of times!

Once I knew I had to get rid of them, it was just a matter of determining how.

All over the internet you'll find the simplest natural remedies.

Even the best natural remedies might not get rid of your Centipedes, but they should help. Centipedes can be a real pain to get rid of!

The most effective natural remedies for killing Centipedes are using a dehumidifier to dry out the area they inhabit, and to seal up any cracks leading into your home. Using sticky pads where you see them repeatedly can also be a huge help.

Use these natural remedies, chemical free, to get rid of the Centipedes invading your home.

What to tell you about me?

I grew up with house Centipedes, and I always hated them. I'd crush them whenever I saw them, but still it would ruin my night. Their was no way I'd get any sleep, imagining them crawling around in the dark..

So I stumbled across a small guidebook that taught me how to get rid of them easily, and without chemicals. It came with a guarantee so I checked it out.

I've put together a more in depth Squidoo lens that provides more details on Natural Centipede Remedies

Article Source:!&id=4231551

This article was written but a few days ago. It reiterates why chemicals are not the best way to go inside of the house, and why a natural remedy to house Centipedes is needed.

You want a natural remedy, but most of the remedies online aren't effective enough.

You need a way to get rid of all house Centipedes in a couple hours, with no risk, and permanently. I've found that way!

Get Rid Of Centipedes The Quick And Easy Way, Click Me

This program is effective, fast, it comes with a money back guarantee because they know it won't fail. It is a couple hours of time, don't pass this up.

In a couple hours you could never be freaked out by one of those creepy gross Centipedes again.

Of course I'm going to have many more posts on the way, I'm not the type to just make posts with no value, so it might be a few days.

You can call me the Centipede Guy, sometimes I think I know way to much about them.


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